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How to

6 quick steps to place your free ad under 5 minutes:

1. Click "Post Free Ads" on the top right corner.
2. Choose relevant Country, City, and Area.
3. Select Category and Subcategory. 
4. Enter relevant details. 
4.1. Sign up at the end of the page you haven't signed up earlier. 
4.2. Signed in users don't have to worry about this step. 
5. If possible: Select appropriate location on map, or Type in appropriate location and hit enter. 
6. Preview & Publish Ad once ready. 

Respond to an Ad:

1. While viewing relevant Ad, scroll to the bottom of the page to "Contact".
2. In the "Contact" box, fill in relevant details and the message for the advertiser.
3. After filling in the information, hit "Send Now".
4. Advertiser will receive your message directly to his/her e-mail inbox.

Register/ Sign Up:

1. Click on "Register" on the right top corner.
2. Fill in all required information and click "Register Here!".
3. Your registration is now complete, visit your profile or start posting.